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Trigger Point

Kathy Barrister's life has never been better. Owner of a thriving massage school, Kathy loves passing on her knowledge of a healing profession to others. But when one of her students is murdered, Kathy must face a darker world than she ever knew existed. A serial killer using online advertising services is targeting prostitutes, and it appears Kathy's student has become his latest victim.

What Kathy doesn't know might kill her...

She enlists Detective Greg Beacon, a former boyfriend, to help her seek justice, but as more of her students are murdered, she realizes the killer isn't just targeting sex workers. He's targeting her. Now, she must summon the strength and courage to stay alive...or become the killer's next victim.

Written by Shirley Jackson-, Colorado Book-, Lambda Literary Award-finalist, Sean Eads.

243 pages

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9964039-3-1
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9964039-4-8
eBook ISBN: 978-0-9964039-5-5

"Break out the essential oils, crank up the lute music, Eads is going to massage you until the blood palpates up between his fingers."

—Stephen Graham Jones, bestselling author of Mongrels and After the People Lights Have Gone Off

"You may need a massage therapist to release severe knots of stress after absorbing this dark and harrowing story. Trigger Point will get under your skin."

—Mark Stevens, Denver Post bestselling author of the Allison Coil mystery series

"With its blistering pace and delicious descriptions, Trigger Point invokes a whodunit mystery within the oft-misunderstood world of massage therapy. But this is no light-hearted cat-and-mouse story, and Eads is at his darkest and best when occupying the mind of the story’s delightfully disturbed killer. Trigger Point will have you burning through its pages and guessing until the very end."

—Carter Wilson, USA Today bestselling author of The Comfort of Black

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