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Denver Moon: The Thirteen of Mars (Book 3)

Book three in the Denver Moon series.

It's been more than two years since Denver Moon discovered that alien shapeshifters infiltrated Mars Colony. Their attempts at human mind-control have failed, but when Denver opens a vault beneath a terraforming facility, she discovers what they really want: to exterminate all inhabitants of the Red Planet. Tatsuo Moon—Denver’s grandfather and the co-founder of Mars City—has been gravely injured. To save him, Denver will need the help not only of her friends, Smith, Nigel, and Navya, but also of humanity’s archenemy, Doctor Werner. To save Mars, she'll need a miracle.

Colorado Book Award Finalist.

Written by Warren Hammond and Joshua Viola

Cover art by Aaron Lovett and Matt Hubel

Visit the official Denver Moon website.

Praise for the Denver Moon series [+]

“Wonderfully weird and over-the-top. A mash-up of thoughtful science-fiction and a great spaghetti Western, with the added bonus of a talking gun."

Mario Acevedo, author of University of Doom

“Radiant prose and characters propel this exhilarating, fully charged sequel."

Kirkus Reviews

“This gripping Martian adventure pits a detective against bug aliens and human tragedy."

Booklife by Publishers Weekly, Editor's Pick

“This is archetypal, neo-retro, adventure science fiction. If writers like Isaac Asimov, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Arthur C. Clarke were alive today, they’d be releasing stories like Denver Moon."

BlueInk Review, Starred Review

“...this compact, swiftly paced story stays tense and bursts with scenes of desperate action."

Publishers Weekly

“...will captivate mystery and sci-fi readers alike with a spunky, smart female investigator who grabs hold of a problem and refuses to let go."

Midwest Book Review

“...this is genre-fiction gold."

BlueInk Review (Starred Review)

“Another blistering installment with a cool, clever female lead."

Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

“A delightful slice of science fiction noir."

Keith R.A. DeCandido, author of ALIEN: ISOLATION

Read the Denver Moon comics: issue one, issue two, and issue three.

Hardcover ISBN: 979-8-9862194-2-4

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7365964-6-3

eBook ISBN-13: 979-8-9862194-1-7

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