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Hex Publishers is an independent publishing house proudly specializing in genre fiction: horror, science fiction, crime, dark fantasy, comics, and any other form that explores the imagination. Founded by writers, Hex values both the author and the reader, with an emphasis on quality, diversity, and voices often overlooked by the mainstream.

Unioverse: Silas Kyruk #6



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Someone is searching for the best of the best: the strongest, the fastest, the brightest, the most ruthless. Who is he, and what does he want from the finest fighters in the Unioverse? No one knows. But they’re about to find out—because his recruitment methods are savage, and saying no is not an option.

Issue 6: silas Kyruk - 24 Pages

Silas Kyruk lost everything the instant Malcolm Orion reawakened the Mass-O. But this mastermind has a plan to get it back. All he needs are the finest, most capable fighters in the Unioverse—Reyu, Krishah, Tor Gret, Annill, and Vella Janx—to come together against a common enemy of Silas’s own design. If only he can get them to stop fighting each other…

When buying the physical comic you will randomly receive either a Common or Legendary edition. Each purchase has an 18% chance of being fufilled as a signed Legendary Edition.

Digital PDF Comic ISBN: 0-51497-39958-0-00611

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  • Digital PDF Comic
  • Digital PDF Comic

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