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Hex Publishers is an independent publishing house proudly specializing in genre fiction: horror, science fiction, crime, dark fantasy, comics, and any other form that explores the imagination. Founded by writers, Hex values both the author and the reader, with an emphasis on quality, diversity, and voices often overlooked by the mainstream.


Mario Acevedo is the author of the bestselling Felix Gomez detective-vampire series, which includes Rescue From Planet Pleasure from WordFire Press. His debut novel, The Nymphos of Rocky Flats, was chosen by Barnes & Noble as one of the best Paranormal Fantasy Novels of the Decade and was a finalist for a Colorado Book Award. He contributed two stories for the award-winning horror anthology, Nightmares Unhinged, by Hex Publishers. His novel, Good Money Gone, co-authored with Richard Kilborn, won a best novel 2014 International Latino Book Award. Mario lives and writes in Denver, Colorado. Top
Saladin Ahmed's first novel Throne of the Crescent Moon was nominated for the Hugo and the Nebula, and won the Locus Award for Best First Novel. He lives near Detroit. Top
Bill D. Allen is an Oklahoma red dirt-born and bred writer. The first book in his science fiction series involving the vagabond space trader Hank Jensen is Pirates of the Outrigger Rift (With Gary Jonas.) His Reluctant War God series highlights the adventures of Carl, a war god who wants to quit the family business. The first title in that series is Duty Calls. Bill is also a proud member of the Iron Butt Association which means he has been foolish enough to travel at least 1000 miles in 24 hours on a motorcycle. His website is Sign up for his preferred readers group and enjoy a free book. Top
Paul Goat Allen has been a genre fiction book reviewer for the last twenty years, working for companies like, PW, The Chicago Tribune, Kirkus, Goodreads, and BlueInk, to name a few. He has written more than 8,000 reviews and interviewed hundreds of writers. He has published stories in a variety of genres and works as an adjunct faculty member in Seton Hill University's Writing Popular Fiction program. Top
Steve Alten is a New York Times and International bestselling author, most known for his MEG series (a major motion picture soon to be released by Warner Bros.) about a giant, prehistoric shark. Top
Sam W. Anderson lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, two kids and the most expensive rescue mutt in history. He's the author of over forty published short stories and collaborative novels, and two short-story collections: Postcards from Purgatory, and American Gomorrah: The Money Run Omnibus. The latter will be updated and reissued from Rothco Press. The Nines is his first solo novel. He likes pie. Top
Madeline Ashby is a science fiction writer and futurist living in Toronto. She is the author of the Machine Dynasty series from Angry Robot Books, and the forthcoming novel Company Town from Tor Books. She has created science fiction prototypes for the Institute for the Future, SciFutures, Nesta, Data & Society, the WorldBank, and others. She also has a regular column in the Ottawa Citizen. You can find on Twitter @MadelineAshby. Top
Paolo Bacigalupi is a National Book Award Finalist, and a Hugo, Nebula, Michael L Printz. and John W. Campbell Award Winner. He currently lives in Western Colorado with his wife and son, where he is working on a new novel. Top
Shannon Baker is the author of the Nora Abbott mystery series from Midnight Ink. A fast-paced mix of Hopi Indian mysticism, environmental issues, and murder. Shannon is an itinerant writer, which is a nice way of saying she's confused. She never knows what time zone she's in, Timbuck-Three, Nebraska, Denver, or Tucson. Nora Abbott has picked up that location schizophrenia and travels from Flagstaff in Tainted Mountain, to Boulder in Broken Trust and then to Moab in Tattered Legacy. Shannon is proud to have been chosen Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ 2014 Writer of the Year. Top
Branden Bendert was born in Colorado and raised in suburban mediocrity. When he can break away from the daily grind, he likes to create images that feed his imagination. He's been fortunate to work on projects for Sony, Warner Bros, Hanna Barbera, Capcom, FiXT, Leviathan Games, and Hex Publishers. You might find him hanging around the art museum, Clyfford Still Museum, I Want More Comics, or stuck in traffic on I-25 (He's usually stuck in traffic). Top
Patrick Berry is an author and professional puzzle constructor whose work has appeared in Harper’s, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and numerous other publications. He's written several puzzle books, including a how-to book on crossword construction, and he has regular puzzle columns in The New York Times Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Top
Darin Bradley is the author of three novels: Noise, Chimpanzee, and Totem. He holds a Ph.D. in English Literature and Theory and has taught courses on writing and literature at several universities. Top
Edward Bryant is a Nebula award-winning author that helped bolster The New Wave movement of science fiction. The ongoing theory that it was a severe neuro–chemical event that switched him from writing sizzling science fiction to mildly unsettling horror still hasn’t been overturned. Ed's written a few decades' worth of short fiction, non fiction, Hollywood stuff, and the occasional novel. He lives in Denver, where he's preparing, On the Road to Cinnabar, a huge retrospective of his life's work. Top
Dustin Carpenter is an author, cinematographer, and IronMan Triathlete, but feels most at home in a good story. Currently, he is working on the second book in the Apollo Pentalogy series, The Mask of Andrean, as well as laying the groundwork for Natrola, a transmedia experience. Dustin works as a creative media generalist, and has been typesetting for just over a decade. He is the author of Azimuth Falls. Top
Selena "S. J." Chambers is the Hugo- and World Fantasy-nominated co-author of The Steampunk Bible (Abrams Books). Her work, both fiction and nonfiction, has appeared in a variety of venues such as, Bookslut,, Strange Horizons (where she was also the Articles Senior Editor for two years), Mungbeing Magazine, and anthologies such as the World Fantasy-nominated Thackery T. Lambshead’s Cabinet of Curiosities (HarperCollins), Zombies: Shambling Through the Ages (Prime Books), The New Gothic (Stone Skin Press), and the forthcoming Starry Wisdom Library (PS Publishing, 2014). Top
Betsy Dornbusch is the author of over a dozen short stories, three novellas, and four novels. Her most recent trilogy is The Books of the Seven Eyes. She lives in Colorado with her family. Top
Sean Eads is a reference librarian living in Denver, Colorado. His first novel, The Survivors, was a finalist for the 2013 Lambda Literary Award. His second novel, Lord Byron's Prophecy, will be released in October 2015 from Lethe Press. His short fiction has appeared in various anthologies, including Zombies: Shambling Through the Ages (Prime Books), Kaleidoscope (12th Planet Press), and Equilibrium Overturned (Grey Matter Press). Besides writing, he enjoys playing golf and watching University of Kentucky basketball games. His favorite writers and influences include Herman Melville, Ray Bradbury, and William Faulkner. Top
Minister Faust is an award-winning novelist and an award-winning radio broadcaster. His novels include the cult-hit The Coyote Kings (2004) which helped drive the new wave of Africentric science fiction and fantasy, Shrinking the Heroes (originally published as From the Notebooks of Doctor Brain) that won the Kindred Award, and the celebrated book The Alchemists of Kush. He’s written for television, radio, advertising, education, the stage, and video games (Mass Effect 2 and Darkspore), and he’s currently writing and illustrating a graphic novel about Canada’s most famous cowboy. His podcast MF GALAXY( features interviews with writers in every form about the craft and business of writing. Top
Keith Ferrell is the author of close to twenty books, fiction and nonfiction, including the novel Passing Judgment and the NYT Nonfiction Bestseller History Decoded (co-written with Brad Meltzer). His short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s, Black Mist, Millennium 3,000, Nightmares Unhinged, and other publications, under his own name and pseudonymously. He has published more than 2,000 articles, essays, and reviews in magazines, encyclopedias, and journals. As a speaker, Ferrell often addresses the relationship between technology and culture. He has appeared frequently on television and radio. Keith Ferrell currently lives, writes and farms on 35 acres in the hills of southern Virginia, and is engaged with an immense new novel as well as a large nonfiction project. From 1990-1996 Ferrell was Editor-in-Chief of OMNI Magazine. Top
Jaym Gates is an author, editor, and communications specialist. She's had work published in Kaiju Rising, Heroes!, By Faerie Light, Goldfish Grimm, and more. She's also edited the anthologies War Stories, Genius Loci, Eclipse Phase: After the Fall, and Broken Time Blues. In her 'spare' time, she trains horses and practices Systema. She can be found on Twitter as @JaymGates. Top
Warren Hammond is a Denver-based author known for his gritty, futuristic KOP series. By taking the best of classic detective noir, and reinventing it on a destitute colony world, Warren has created these uniquely dark tales of murder, corruption and redemption. KOP Killer won the 2012 Colorado Book Award for best mystery. Warren's latest novel, Tides of Maritinia, released in December of 2014. His first book independent of the KOP series, Tides is a spy novel set in a science fictional world. Always eager to see new places, Warren has traveled extensively. Whether it’s wildlife viewing in exotic locales like Botswana and the Galapagos Islands, or trekking in the Himalayas, he's always up for a new adventure. Top
Dion Harris was born in Carbondale, Illinois, and raised in Denver, Colorado. He is a self-taught artist and a member of the Crimson Daggers art community. His work has been seen in the comic book and gaming industries for several years and featured by Kingdom Games and Paizo. He strives to improve his skills with each image he creates. Top
Jason Heller is a journalist, editor, and author of the alt-history novel Taft 2012 (Quirk); the Goosebumps tie-in Slappy’s Revenge (Scholastic); and a chapter of Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s The Time Traveler’s Almanac (Tor). He’s the former nonfiction editor of Clarkesworld and won a Hugo Award as part of that editing team. His short stories have appeared in Apex Magazine, Farrago’s Wainscot, Sybil’s Garage, Paper Darts, Nightmares Unhinged, Swords v. Cthulhu, and many other magazines and anthologies. He writes about books and music for NPR, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and The Onion A.V. Club (where he’s a Senior Writer). His nonfiction has also appeared in Weird Tales, Entertainment Weekly, Alternative Press, and He’s a 2009 graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop and a member of the Wyrd Words workshop group. Jason lives in Denver with his wife, Angie. Top
Travis Heermann is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop and the author of Death Wind, The Ronin Trilogy, The Wild Boys, and Rogues of the Black Fury, plus short fiction pieces in anthologies and magazines such as Apex Magazine, Alembical, the Fiction River anthology series, Historical Lovecraft, and Cemetery Dance’s Shivers VII. As a freelance writer, he has produced a metric ton of role-playing game work both in print and online, including the Firefly Roleplaying Game, Battletech, Legend of Five Rings, d20 System, and the MMORPG, EVE Online. Top
Angie Hodapp has worked in language-arts education, publishing, professional writing, and editing for the better part of the last two decades. After completing her master’s thesis, a work of creative nonfiction, and leaving academia, she gave herself permission to write what she really wanted to write: speculative fiction and romance. Angie is currently the contracts and royalties manager at Nelson Literary Agency in Denver. She and her husband live in a renovated 1930s carriage house near the heart of the city and love collecting stamps in their passports. Top
Chris Holm is the author of the Collector trilogy, which blends crime and fantasy, and the Michael Hendricks thrillers. His first Hendricks novel, THE KILLING KIND, was named a New York Times Editors’ Choice, a Boston Globe Best Book of 2015, and Strand Magazine’s #1 Book of 2015. It won the 2016 Anthony Award for Best Novel, and was also nominated for a Barry, a Lefty, and a Macavity. His second Hendricks novel, RED RIGHT HAND, is now available. Chris lives in Portland, Maine.Top
Robert Jeschonek is an award-winning author whose fiction, comics, essays, articles, and poetry have been published around the world. His work has appeared in publications including Galaxy’s Edge, Escape Pod, Fiction River, and StarShip Sofa. He has written official Star Trek and Doctor Who fiction, as well as comics for DC Comics and others. Robert has won an International Book Award, a Scribe Award for Best Original Novel from the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, and grand prize in Pocket Books' nationwide Strange New Worlds contest. Visit him online at and You can also find him on Facebook and follow him as @TheFictioneer on Twitter. Top
Gary Jonas is the author of the Jonathan Shade fantasy series, which includes the novels Modern Sorcery, Acheron Highway, Dragon Gate, Anubis Nights, Sunset Specters, and Wizard's Nocturne. His other novels include One-Way Ticket to Midnight, and Pirates of the Outrigger Rift (co-authored with Bill D. Allen). He created the Night Marshal western vampire series, and wrote the first volume before turning it over to other authors. His short fiction has appeared in anthologies and magazines including Robert Bloch's Psychos, It Came from the Drive-In, Prom Night, 100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories, Sword and Sorceress VII, and many others. The best of his short fiction is collected in Quick Shots. As if that's not enough, he's also written screenplays, and has had a couple of them optioned in Hollywood. Top
Stephen Graham Jones is the author of sixteen novels, six collections, and two or three hundred stories. His most recent novel is Mongrels, from William Morrow. Stephen lives in Boulder, Colorado. Top
Trevor Jones was a writer and herpetologist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. An expert in venomous snakes, Trevor did academic research as well as consulting work for the FBI. He enjoyed writing as a hobby but never took it seriously until his late twenties, when he began co-writing stories with noted children's author Nikki Barringer. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2016. "Straight to the Top" is his first published work. Top
Richard Kadrey is the New York Times bestselling author of the Sandman Slim supernatural noir books. His books include The Perdition Score, The Everything Box, Metrophage, Butcher Bird, Dead Set, and the graphic novel ACCELERATE. Sandman Slim was included in Amazon’s “100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books to Read in a Lifetime” and is in development as a feature film. Top
Brian Keene writes novels, comic books, short fiction, and occasional journalism for money. He is the author of over forty books, mostly in the horror, crime, and dark fantasy genres. His 2003 novel, The Rising, is often credited (along with Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic and Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later film) with inspiring pop culture’s current interest in zombies. In addition to his own original work, Keene has written for media properties such as Doctor Who, The X-Files, Hellboy, Masters of the Universe, and Alien. Several of Keene’s novels have been developed for film, including Ghoul, The Naughty List, The Ties That Bind, and Fast Zombies Suck. Several more are in-development or under option. Keene also serves as Executive Producer for the independent film studio Drunken Tentacle Productions. The father of two sons, Keene lives in rural Pennsylvania. Top
J.V. Kyle is the pen name for Keith Ferrell and Joshua Viola. Top
Matthew Kressel is a multiple Nebula Award and World Fantasy Award finalist. His first novel King of Shards, was hailed as "majestic, resonant, reality-twisting madness" from NPR Books. The second book in the Worldmender Trilogy, Queen of Static, will appear in Fall of 2016. His short fiction has appeared in many publications including Clarkesworld, Lightspeed,, Nightmare, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Apex Magazine, Interzone, the anthologies Naked City, People of the Book, After, and many other markets. He co-hosts the Fantastic Fiction at KGB reading series in Manhattan with Ellen Datlow, is a long-time member of Altered Fluid, a Manhattan-based critique group, and is an amateur student of Yiddish. He can recite Blade Runner in its entirety from memory. Find him online at @mattkressel. Top
Aaron Lovett's work has been featured by Dark Horse and published in Spectrum 22. His art can also be found in various video games, books and comics. He paints from a dark corner in Denver, Colorado. Top.
Jennifer Melzer is a speculative fiction author, poet and editor from Northeast Pennsylvania. When she’s not writing or drawing blood from manuscripts with a red pen, she can be found vicariously heroing through pixelated avatars in a variety of different universes–because if she can’t save the world she lives in, why not practice saving others? Top
Michael McKibben is a diverse artist with a passion for bringing still art to life. He was the art lead for Leviathan Games, working on such titles as The Bane of Yoto. He is also president of Killbot Entertainment, specializing in PlayStation 4 Themes. Top
Jeremy Aaron Moore's artwork depicts impressions of the imagination. It spans multiple genres, including science fiction, fantasy, historical, sub-pop culture and fashion. His work is published in a variety of media, including books, games, comics, and music. It continues to garner recognition and has been accepted into highly prestigious publications such as Spectrum and Prime. He lives in Denver, Colorado, where he spends his time painting in pixels from a quiet studio on Capitol Hill. Top
Chinelo Onwualu is a writer, editor and journalist living in Abuja, Nigeria. She is a graduate of the 2014 Clarion West Writers Workshop, which she attended as the recipient of the Octavia E. Butler Scholarship. She is editor and co-founder of, a magazine of African speculative fiction. Follow her on twitter @chineloonwualu. Top
Gary Phillips has family roots in Texas near the Guadalupe River and in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, which is why he must keep writing to forestall his appointment at the crossroads – and that’s why he churns out novels, novellas, short stories, graphic novels and other stuff. He has essays upcoming in the nonfiction books Anatomy of Innocence, about exonerated prisoners, and in Radical and Backlash Pulp and Popular Fiction on forgotten writer Roosevelt Mallory of the infamous Holloway House. Top
Sarah Pinsker is the author of the 2014 Theodore Sturgeon Award winning story, "In Joy, Knowing the Abyss Behind," and her short fiction has been nominated for Nebula Awards for three consecutive years. Her stories have appeared in Asimov's, Strange Horizons, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Uncanny, Apex, and Lightspeed, and in anthologies including Long Hidden and Accessing the Future. She is also a singer/songwriter and toured nationally behind three albums on various independent labels. A fourth is forthcoming. She lives with her wife and dog in Baltimore, Maryland. Find her on Twitter @sarahpinsker. Top
Cat Rambo lives, writes, and teaches atop a hill in the Pacific Northwest. Her 200-plus fiction publications include stories in Asimov’s, Clarkesworld Magazine, and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. She is an Endeavour, Nebula, and World Fantasy Award nominee, and her first novel, Beasts of Tabat, is a Compton Crook Award finalist. Her 2016 fictions include Hearts of Tabat (novel, WordFire Press), Neither Here Nor Here (collection, Hydra House) and the updated edition of Creating an Online Presence for Writers. Top
Manuel Ramos is a retired lawyer and the author of eight published novels. His fiction has won the Colorado Book Award, the Chicano/Latino Literary Award, the Top Hand Award from the Colorado Authors League, three Honorable Mentions from the Latino International Book Awards, and others. His first novel, The Ballad of Rocky Ruiz (1993), was a finalist for the Edgar® award from the Mystery Writers of America and won the Colorado Book Award in the Fiction category. His published works include Desperado: A Mile High Noir (2013), winner of the 2014 Colorado Book Award in the Mystery category, several short stories, poems, non-fiction articles and a handbook on Colorado landlord-tenant law, now in a sixth edition. He is a co-founder of and regular contributor to La Bloga, an award-winning Internet magazine devoted to Latino literature, culture, news, and opinion. His short story collection, The Skull of Pancho Villa and Other Stories, was published in 2015. Top
Paul Graham Raven is, at time of writing, a postgraduate researcher in infrastructure futures and theory at the University of Sheffield, UK. He's also a writer, science fiction critic and essayist—with bylines at MIT Technology Review, ARC, BBC Science Focus, and The Los Angeles Review of Books, among others—and a consulting critical futurist. He lives a stone's throw from the site of the Battle of Orgreave in the company of a duplicitous cat, three guitars he can barely play, and sufficient books to constitute an insurance-invalidating fire hazard. Top
Mike Resnick is, according to Locus, the all-time leading award winner, living or dead, for short fiction. He has won 5 Hugos (from a record 37 nominations), plus other major awards in the USA, France, Poland, Croatia, Catalonia, Spain, and Japan. Mike is the author of 78 novels, 10 books of non-fiction about science fiction, close to 300 stories, and 3 screenplays. He has edited 42 anthologies, and is currently the editor of Galaxy's Edge Magazine and the Stellar Guild line of books. He was Guest of Honor at the 2012 Worldcon. Top
Kat Richardson is the bestselling author of the Greywalker paranormal detective series, as well as a small tantrum of short fantasy, science fiction, and mystery stories. She lives in Western Washington, and is an accomplished feeder of crows. Top
Aaron Michael Ritchey is the author of The Never Prayer and Long Live the Suicide King, both winners in various contests. His latest novel, Elizabeth’s Midnight, is now available through Staccato Publishing. In shorter fiction, his G.I. Joe inspired novella was an Amazon bestseller in Kindle Worlds and his story, “The Dirges of Percival Lewand” was recommended for a Hugo. He lives in Colorado with his wife and two ancient goddesses of chaos posing as his daughters. Top
Matthew Wayne Selznick is an author, creator, and creative services provider living in Long Beach, California with the best girl in the world and too many pets. Top
Nisi Shawl’s story collection Filter House co-won the James Tiptree, Jr. Award in 2009 and was nominated for that year’s World Fantasy Award. “The Mighty Phin” is a sequel to stories published in the anthologies So Long Been Dreaming and The Other Half of the Sky. Shawl is coauthor of Writing the Other: A Practical Approach, and co-editor of Strange Matings: Science Fiction, Feminism, African American Voices, and Octavia E. Butler. She also co-edited Stories for Chip: A Tribute to Samuel R. Delany, to which she contributed a collaboration with Nalo Hopkinson, “Jamaica Ginger.” Her Belgian Congo steampunk novel Everfair was published by Tor in September 2016. Top
Jeanne C. Stein wears two writing hats. Under her own name, she writes the national bestselling Urban Fantasy series, The Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles, and as S. J. Harper, she writes The Fallen Siren Series. Top
Mark Stevens is the son of two librarians and was raised in Lincoln, Massachusetts. He graduated from Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School in the suburbs of Boston and from Principia College in Illinois. He worked as a reporter for The Christian Science Monitor in Boston and Los Angeles; as a City Hall reporter for The Rocky Mountain News in Denver; as a national field producer for The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour (PBS) and as an education reporter for The Denver Post. After journalism, he worked in school public relations before starting his own public relations and strategic communications business. He lives in Denver with his wife and has two grown daughters. He is a Colorado Book Award finalist and the author of the Allison Coil Mystery series. Top
Steve Rasnic Tem has won the Bram Stoker, International Horror Guild, World Fantasy, and British Fantasy Awards for his work. Steve's new novel Blood Kin is a Southern Gothic/Horror blend of snake handling, ghosts, granny women, kudzu, and Melungeons. His previous novels are Deadfall Hotel, The Man On The Ceiling (with Melanie Tem), The Book of Days, Daughters (with Melanie Tem), and Excavation. His next novel, Ubo, a dark SF meditation on violence, will appear from Solaris in the Spring of 2016. Steve has published over 400 short stories. They've been collected in Ombres sur la Route, City Fishing, The Far Side of the Lake, In Concert (collaborations with Melanie Tem), Ugly Behavior, Onion Songs, Celestial Inventories, Twember, and this year's Here With The Shadows, a collection of traditionally-inspired ghostly fiction from Ireland's Swan River Press. In 2015 Centipede will publish a giant collection of the best of his uncollected horror: Out of the Dark: A Storybook of Horrors. Top
Carrie Vaughn is the New York Times Best Selling author of the Kitty Norville urban-fantasy series as well as a Hugo-nominated writer of short stories. She is also a regular contributor to George R. R. Martin’s and Melinda M. Snodgrass’ Wild Cards series. Top
Joshua Viola is an author, artist, and former video game developer (Pirates of the Caribbean, Smurfs, TARGET: Terror). In addition to creating a transmedia franchise around The Bane of Yoto, honored with more than a dozen awards, he is the author of Blackstar, a tie-in novel based on the discography of Celldweller. His debut horror anthology, Nightmares Unhinged, was a Denver Post and Amazon bestseller and named one of the Best Books of 2016 by Kirkus Reviews. His second anthology, Cyber World (co-edited by Jason Heller), was an Independent Publisher Book Awards winner and Colorado Book Award finalist and named one of the Best Books of 2016 by Barnes & Noble. His short fiction has appeared in The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Found anthology (RMFW Press), D.O.A. III – Extreme Horror Collection (Blood Bound Books), and The Literary Hatchet (PearTree Press). He lives in Denver, Colorado, where he is chief editor and owner of Hex Publishers. Top
Carter Wilson is a USA Today best-selling author. He explores the personal depths of psychological tension and paranoia in his dark thrillers. His novels have received critical acclaim, including starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal. Carter's third novel, The Comfort of Black, is the winner of three literary awards, including the 2016 Colorado Book Award (Thriller). His fourth novel, Revelation, will be released in December 2016 by Oceanview. Carter lives outside of Boulder, Colorado, with his two children. Top
Alyssa Wong is a Nebula-, Shirley Jackson-, and World Fantasy Award-nominated author, shark aficionado, and 2013 graduate of the Clarion Writers’ Workshop. Her work has appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Strange Horizons,, Uncanny Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine, Nightmare Magazine, and Black Static, among others. She is an MFA candidate at North Carolina State University and a member of the Manhattan-based writing group Altered Fluid. Alyssa can be found on Twitter as @crashwong. Top
Dean Wyant is a forty-year resident of Colorado with a decade of retail bookselling experience and a deep network of author contacts. Nightmares Unhinged marks Dean's short fiction debut. Top
Isabel Yap writes fiction and poetry, works in the tech industry, and drinks tea. Born and raised in Manila, she has also lived in California, Tokyo, and London. In 2013 she attended the Clarion Writers Workshop. Her work has appeared on, Uncanny Magazine, Apex Magazine, Interfictions Online, and Nightmare Magazine, among other places. She is @visyap on Twitter. Top
E. Lily Yu received the 2012 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Her stories have been finalists for the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, Sturgeon, and World Fantasy Awards and can be found in a variety of publications, from Clarkesworld to McSweeney's Quarterly. Recent works appear in F&SF and Uncanny. Top
Alvaro Zinos-Amaro is co-author, with Robert Silverberg, of When the Blue Shift Comes and Traveler of Worlds: Conversations with Robert Silverberg. Alvaro’s fiction, Rhysling-nominated poetry, and non-fiction have appeared in markets like Asimov’s, Analog, Apex, Clarkesworld, Nature, Strange Horizons, Galaxy’s Edge, Lackington’s, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and anthologies such as The Mammoth Book of the Adventures of Moriarty, The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Stories, and The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016. Top